Yoga Classes

  • New 8 wk Term starts week of 28th Oct. 

  • Beginners Monday 5.15pm will be a 7 week term starting 4th Nov

  • Improvers and Intermediate classes will run on the Bank Holiday.   

**Please note the Changes to the schedule and the change of class names.
* Edel's class, Monday 8.15pm, is now called Level 1-2 Improvers
 Therese will be teaching a class of the same name on a Tuesday 8.15pm also
* Stretch and Relax class on Saturday morning is now on at 10am
* Lunch time classes are now Tuesday - Thursday 1.10pm - 1.50pm

Sligo Yoga Centre offers a full range of Yoga classes in the IYENGAR Yoga discipline.  Whether you are just curious about what it would be like to touch your toes or are an experienced yogi you will find a class and a teacher to suit you.  If you are not sure where you fit in just drop us a line or give us a call on 0861649609 and we are happy to talk it over.

Beginners, Improvers classes and Stretch and Relax are 75mins
Intermediate classes are 90 mins

Level1 (Beginners) 5.15pm (Tara)
Level 2 (Intermediate) 6.40pm (Tara)
Level 1-2 (Improvers) 8.15pm (Edel)

Level 2 (Intermediate) 10.00am (Tara)
Level 1 (Beginners) 11.35am (Tara)
Lunchtime Yoga 1:10pm (Tara)
Level 3 (Advanced/Teachers) 6pm - 8pm (Fionnuala)
Level 1-2 (Improvers) 8.15pm (Therese)

Lunchtime Yoga 1:10pm (Tara)
Level 2 (Intermediate) 6:15pm (Tara)
Level 1 (Beginners) 8pm (Tara)

Lunchtime Yoga 1:10pm (Tara)
Level 2 (Intermediate) 6pm (Tara)

Stretch & Relax Yoga 10am  (Tara)


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