Online Yoga Classes with Tara

All of our online classes are brought to you via Zoom. They are live Classes taught by Tara, 
This is a 2 way class you will see Tara and she will be able to see you.  If possible set up your device so all, or at least, most of you is in frame.
Have a clear space for your mat, preferably beside a wall and have all the equipment you need at the ready. I am aware that you may not have the same equipment as the yoga centre but anything similar will do, see the list below for some household alternatives.

2 Bricks or tin cans
2/3 thick books
Belt/tie/dressing gown cord/scarf
2/3 firm blankets or old firm towels
Bolster/firm pillows or cushion….optional, the blankets will do the job just as well
chair with no handles

If you have ANY questions text Tara on 0861649609,  

Looking forward to continuing this new journey with you all.

Recorded Class Schedule:

Beginners Yoga  (1hr 15min)
All Levels - Suitable for students with some yoga experience
Tuesday 8pm

General Level  (1hr 30 min)
Suitable for students with at least 6 months experience
Monday 7.30pm


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