Yogamatters Cotton Yoga Blanket

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This classic natural cotton yoga blanket from Yogamatters is perfect for folding and rolling into a firm, yet comfortable support.

  • made in a factory in India that Yogamatters has visited to ensure good working conditions
  • made from eco-friendly cotton waste material
  • with a thin hem on two sides and blanket stitching on the others
  • can be tightly folded without creating large bumps
  • ideal as a blanket for savasana and restorative yoga
  • Size 232cm x 150
  • Machine wash blanket at 30 degrees. Lay flat to dry. Do not dry clean


The natural cotton blankets shed particles of cotton when new, which show on clothing and cushions. Natural cotton yoga blankets have always done this and the shedding will stop over time. Machine washing can reduce shedding, but not necessarily stop it altogether. Unfortunately, We cannot accept returns of used blankets on the basis of shedding.

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